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Learn More About Our Construction Services

UDS can help you with home modification products and equipment installation in the South Central PA region. Our process for construction services combines our technical knowledge and disability-specific expertise.

Individual needs assessmentHome Modification Bathroom
Working together with you, we determine which livability needs can be met through home modifications, assistive technology and low-cost standardized solutions.  Our accessibility counselors each have over 20 years’ direct experience with persons with disabilities, as well as extensive design expertise.  Put their experience to work for you. 

Home evaluation
We inspect your home to identify possible zoning, code, condition and structural issues that will affect the design/installation process. We believe there should be no surprises.

Modification feasibility assessment
We assess the appropriateness of specific products and modifications, including your ability to safely utilize the products, cost estimates and the effect on your home's resale value. Our goal is to maximize home accessibility, safety and independence, all while staying on budget.

This is where our experience in accessibility and construction assures the desired results.  We supervise the entire construction/installation process, from start to finish.  Our trade specialists are fully licensed, insured and experienced in installing all of the specialized equipment available on our e-store. 

If you are interested in discussing your Home Modification project with us, please contact us.


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